Who controls the organization?

June 04, 2012

Last week I told the story of Lord Lance and his employee Tim Cratchitt and how over time the drive for financial wealth can often alter the consciousness of those caught up in such (unconscious) striving. Although no one is to blame for an entire system that cultivates the separate interest of a few in a way that oppresses the common interest of the whole, it is all of our responsibility to “grow up and wake up” to the reality of what supports as well as what undermines health. We cannot have a system that aggrandizes a small segment of superstars that takes for itself nearly all of the wealth at the expense of the well-being of an entire system without paying a price. Who would disagree that the system is not healthy and in need of revolutionary re-shaping?

Now don’t get me wrong: I was a business guy who did well enough to support me and my family after making a conscious decision to leave the business world at the height of my career. I also made a decision to be part of the awakening rather than perpetuating a broken system. I am well versed in the world of organizations and have some acuity at business. It takes capital to operate and grow a corporation and that is an unassailable fact of life. It takes money to make money. However, the mission going forward has to be centered around the need to recognize and respect the real capital of the new world, organizationally, socially or otherwise. That capital is People because without happy, fulfilled people there are no healthy organizations nor is there a chance of creating healthy societies.

The simple metaphor is that of the body and head. The left brain thinks it runs the world (and it has for thousands of years) and not surprisingly according to some experts almost 80% of us are left brained; analytical, reasoning, rational, disconnected from our emotional lives, unable to access the dimension of pre-egoic and healing ‘felt sense’. Because of this condition, the bottom up flow of healthy functioning in the body, mediated by the right brain hemisphere is to a great extent, contained and inhibited from being a part of our consciousness. Don’t take my word for this, ask a neuroscientist.

This has been the thought system that has dominated the world through several thousand years of dynastic, medieval, feudal, and in modern times, corporate rule. The left brained oppressor has perpetuated the law of the jungle and in his quest for power and riches has contained and inhibited those in the organizational body, so to speak. That is why I have affectionately referred to this personality type as “The Predator” in my book, Oceans Beyond: In Search of the Enlightened Organization. The protagonist in this yet unfinished story in the real world is “The Reluctant Voice’; the Tim Crachitts who have yet to claim their “power of choice and voice for change.”

The pie chart I shared in my latest Twitter and Facebook posts is a view on who controls the typical organization. I am attaching it to this post as well.

Check it out and sense into how it sits with you and if you believe it to have some truth, pick up and copy of my book and begin the process of helping to wake up the world. The journey from “me” to “We” has a long way to go.

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